Film Industry

Who owns the six largest movie studios?

The six largest movie studios are no small potatoes in the filmmaking world. Owned by some of the most powerful companies in the entertainment industry, these studios have the resources to bring to life some of the most ambitious projects in the industry. Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures and 20th Century Fox are the owners of the six largest movie studios in the world. Disney is the largest, owning both Marvel and Lucasfilm. Warner Bros. is the second largest, with hits like the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings franchises. Universal Pictures owns the Fast & Furious and Jurassic Park franchises, while Paramount Pictures boasts the Transformers series and other popular titles. Columbia Pictures has Spider-Man, Ghostbusters and Men in Black franchises in its library, while 20th Century Fox is home to the popular Avatar and X-Men series. All of these studios are responsible for some of the most iconic films in history, and are sure to continue to produce amazing content in the years to come.

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